New Jersey native, Jimmy Gnecco, grew up being influenced by old Motown records, and spent his high school years playing guitar and singing for a variety of bands. By 1992, he found himself forming the pop-rock band, Ours, which signed to DreamWorks Records in 1997. Ours working with famed U2 producer, Steve Lillywhite, released their first album "Distorted Lullabies" in 2001. Distorted Lullabies spawned the track "Sometimes," which quickly hit both MTV and the Billboard Modern Rock charts.

Jimmy’s reasoning for naming the band "Ours" came after he realized the connection the fans had with the band and the music. "Going back to when I first named the band Ours, I started to realize that it was not about the group of us in the band as much as it was my relationship with everyone around and noticing that everyone was a part of what the songs were about. My friends, fans, people I would meet and the stories they would tell me — it started to work its way into the music. It became clear to me that it was a big circle we were all involved in. When someone tells you something that has moved you, you go away and write a song and you realize it's about someone else's experience and how it touched you. You have more of a connection with fans."

Gnecco and Ours would spend the next couple of years recording (2002's Precious), and touring with the likes of Pete Yorn, The Cult, and others. The band eventually relocated to Los Angeles to craft their third album with producer, Rick Rubin. The resulting set, Mercy, is the Ours album that Gnecco says is his favorite. After touring with Ours for 5 years in support of Mercy, Gnecco went back into the studio to record his first solo album. The Heart was released on July 20th, 2010 on Bright Antenna.